Cañabota is sea and embers, it is love for the service, it is the eagerness to do the same as always and to contribute something different.

In October 2016, we opened our doors in the city center of Seville, a city with a solid and diverse gastronomic tradition.

Cañabota is a bar come to more, a restaurant stripped of corsets and a luxury fishmonger.

Logo Restaurante Cañanabota

We Cook the Sea, We Roast,
Stew and Fry...
no more, no less...,

Enjoy our live cooking and our embers; we do everything in front of you because we have nothing to hide.

You prefer to eat a la Carte or Tasting Menu, at the table or at our gastronomic bar,… whatever you choose, but we will give everything to make your experience unique.

Our most informal space. Brother (neither small nor big) of Cañabota Restaurant.

In this space we offer the atmosphere of a classic Sevillian bar and a first-class product.

We are a bar, a tavern, a seafood restaurant…

Beer, Vermouth, Sherry, Champagne…

Salad, Croquettes or oysters…

Fish and seafood no matter what…

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In a world where we are overflowing with material things, detail-oriented people don't buy gifts, they give moments as presents.